About SoTerra

We are responsible distributors, importers and exporters of reliable and reusable products, including synthetic materials, water management products & education supplies. We pride ourselves on educating and empowering our supply chain in both directions, because we believe it’s a shared responsibility to know that products come from - and go to - people that will manage them sustainably.

We want to become the leading advocates for responsible practice in the industries we operate in, ensuring all our products are ethically sourced and distributed, because we genuinely care about preserving our planet for future generations. After all - we only have the one!

The story of SoTerra

SoTerra was founded by Roger Whitten, who spent many years of his career in the plastics industry, before being inspired in 2018 to make a change.

“After a lengthy career in plastics distribution, I felt personally inspired by the work of both Sir David Attenborough and the New Plastics Global Commitment, and wanted to champion more responsible distribution that can actually make a difference to the health of our planet.

SoTerra was founded in 2018. Its name comes from ‘Soter’ meaning saviour and ‘Terra’ meaning earth. From our own humble corner of the world, we hope to pioneer the responsible import and export of reusable, sustainable products and materials. We can still use synthetics sensibly, but they cannot come at the cost of our planet. It’s down to all of us to make a difference.”

Roger Whitten

Roger Whitten

Managing Director

What we do



We import and export a variety of reliable, reusable and ethical products to supply any industry. Our role? To make it as easy as possible for you to secure the materials you need, at the price you need.



SoTerra provides education supplies to schools, colleges and universities. You can rest assured that your supplies are responsibly sourced, helping your educational establishment to maintain its highly ethical standing.



Save water and reduce water flow; reduce the possibility of leaks and eliminate the resulting damage; and save 20% on utility bills, with our easy to install and maintain water management solutions.


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