SoTerra import, export and distribute a variety of reliable, reusable and ethical products, and can supply any industry. We supply quantities suitable for manufacturing and wholesale stocking. Our team have extensive knowledge and expertise in the distribution of synthetic materials in particular, but are continually expanding our portfolio of responsibly sourced products.

Our job is to make it easy for our customers to procure the products they need. Whether you know your requirements or are just looking for expert advice, we’re happy to chat things through with you.

Synthetic Materials

We distribute materials for packaging and print, including plastic products, all of which are recyclable and primarily used across the 75% of the market in which plastics will be long-standing or used multiple times and will be recycled. This can include industries such as construction, electronics, transportation and agriculture.

Because of our dedication to a responsible, ethical supply chain, we are working to source materials made from plant matter which dissolve in water or compost to replace ‘single-use plastics’. We are passionate about finding alternatives for the 25% of the market that single-use plastics make up.

We are passionate about finding alternatives for the

of the market that single-use plastics make up.

Rigid Polypropylene

Choose from our selection of PP sheets to find the right material for your job. Our sheets are exceptional quality, ensuring you receive the best possible product within excellent lead times.

Flexible Polypropylene

We supply different types of flexible polypropylene with their own characteristics to ensure you find the right material for your application, including new PP films for pouches, replacing the current laminated mixed substrates, making them recyclable.

Other synthetic products

We’re happy to source and advise on a range of other synthetic products, including APET, RPET, GPET, HiPS, BOPP and Polyester lidding and lamination films.

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