As part of our dedication to responsible waste reduction, SoTerra’s water management division helps your private or commercial properties to save water and reduce water flow; reduce the possibility of leaks and eliminate the resulting damage; and save money on water utility bills. Our expertise means we can advise you on the exact solutions that will work best for your property, without hassle or disruption.

Flowless water management

Flowless is a real-time water management system that can help you to save water, save up to 20% on your water bill and stop leaks, preventing your property from being affected by flood damage. You’re able to switch off water - therefore stopping a leak instantly - from anywhere in the world with just your phone. It’s simple to install but offers immediate control and protection.

Save up to

on your water bill


24/7 protection

Real-time knowledge about leaks and unusual usage


Stop water remotely

Switch off water from afar using your phone


Stay informed

Get a text/email if there is abnormal water activity in your building


20% savings

Save an average of 20% on your water bill


Save water

Ongoing reports help you know how to reduce waste



Suitable for commercial use in any building

Tap & shower regulators

Our water-saving tap regulators and shower heads can minimise water flow by over 70%, helping to save significant amounts of money and reduce water wastage. They are easily installed and maintained, and provide the simplest way to save water without sacrificing on comfort or the style of your fittings.

  • Reduce water flow by 70%
  • Save significant amounts of money and eliminate wastage
  • Reduced limescale
  • Suitable for both hot and cold applications
  • Anti-vandalism fittings, suitable for all properties

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